A Powerful Realization & Post Test
Now the final step requires another suggestion...

Simply realize that the "virtual space" where your attention is located outside of your physical body, is the same virtual space you sensed from inside your body. There is no difference. Go ahead... feel it. 

Put your full attention into that one space, outside of your body. 

Notice what you feel. Notice how that singular "point" feels connected to everything around you. And inside of you!

The space in which you are focusing your attention feels vastly more connected than the tiny pattern in comparison, doesn't it? 

Really think about this... consider this fact. There really is NO separation. You are light. Everything around you is light. 

Everything you think is light energy, formulated into thoughts, ideas, concepts, perceptions... it's all an illusion. 

Everything is Light... with one exception:

Ask yourself, "What is beyond Light?" 

Where does the source of Light come from? To discover the answer, is to uncover who YOU really are. 


Anything you can experience as an "object" (even if it's a thought or memory) is Light energy.
But what about the space between objects?
Even if the object of your attention is a thought... there is a space... a "gap" between where one thought ends, and another one begins. Most people never become aware of this simple fact.

And yet... to experience this gap in thought... just ask yourself ANY question that causes your attention to focus on your THOUGHT PROCESS. 

According to Dr. Frank Kinslow, one of the easiest questions to ask is, "where will my next thought come from?" 

You'll notice after you ask the question that your thought process stops. It freezes for a second, until a new thought bubbles up. 

It isn't the question that does it, it's the automatic response that comes from asking it. 

Notice that all your life (as far back as you can remember) you've had an infinite number of thoughts. That infinite, inexhaustible Light energy must come from somewhere, right? 

It comes from infinite Zero-State Awareness. 

When you become acutely aware of the nothing-ness - you realize that you are Self Aware, or aware of awareness itself. 

Once you get the sensation of your thoughts stopping -- what is left? In that emptiness... the space... you might also find a feeling welling up within you... 

A feeling of stillness... of silence... of bliss... of inner peace. 

You don't have to become a "meditation guru" and study for years to suddenly begin to feel it...
This process is automatic and instant!
Do you notice the feeling? There is nothing you need to do. Nowhere you need to go. No "hole" that needs to be filled. 

Everything is perfect,  right now in this moment... the infinite silence of Zero-State Awareness.

That's what you are experiencing... the nothing-ness is not an object, therefore you cannot have an objective experience of it.

In that "space" which has no beginning... no middle... no end... it is infinite potential in it's original, pure and perfect zero-state.

This is YOU. When you switch your awareness from being 'inside your head' (which is where it usually lives) to the SILENCE in the background... a very peculiar thing happens.

The volume of the silence rises above the thoughts.

This is the same virtual space you sensed when you moved away from the pattern in your body... all the way to the point outside of your body... in the space of nothing-ness... where the pattern doesn't exist at all... this NO-THING that is Zero-State Awareness, is where the light-matrix of information is created.

And by being in this perfect state (also called the "zero point") ALL things exist, right now...
Including a possibility that the pattern troubling you doesn't exist!
Now that you've done all 5 steps for this powerful realization, opening the door to a new possibility...

It's time to re-check and see how the pattern has changed.

    1. Come back into your normal state of awareness.
    2. Once again, bring the problem to the forefront of your mind.
    3. Just observe it, and notice how you feel about it.

Now, do a Post Intensity Test and calibrate the level of change...

On a scale of 1-10, how intense is the feeling now?

When I feel into this problem now, my Intensity Level is a:
You might have been surprised to discover the intensity of the problem has gone down significantly... or vanished all together!

If you notice a change in the intensity and feelings, but it isn't a ZERO yet, go back to Step 2 and repeat these steps on any new feelings, thoughts or emotions that pop up.

Many times this process only needs to be done once or a few times to completely change the pattern.

Other times, with problems we perceive as "bigger" there are several thoughts and emotions attached to different experiences.

Using The Self Improvement System you'll notice the connections between these thoughts, feelings and sensations... you can locate them in the physical body... and TRANSFORM THEM!

The end-result: The pattern CHANGES. Or doesn't exist. Which means, the issue corrects itself, changes or vaporizes!
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