Observe The Pattern In Your Body
Now that you've identified, calibrated and located the light pattern in your body that represents the problem you're having, feel it.

I mean really feel it.

So often in our busy "hustle and bustle" of daily life, we forget to pay attention to what's going on inside our body.

When a sensation arrives that we don't like or enjoy, we avoid it like the plague.

Of course, why wouldn't we? Who enjoys pain or sadness? Or depression... or illness? None of these are things we consider "good" and so whenever a thought bubbles up from the depths of our mind that contains any emotional "charge" that makes us feel bad, we do whatever we can to get rid of it FAST!

This usually entails doctor visits, medications, therapy, or just ignoring the problem hoping it will go away. (sidenote: I am in no way suggesting this is meant to replace any medical care.)

Many people struggle for several months or even years with a particular problem, whether it's emotional, mental or physical. It's all the same. It's a pattern of light.

And information within the light can be manipulated by giving the carrier-wave a new pattern... new instructions.

This creates a new perspective, which...

Opens the door to experience a new possibility!

So how can we install new information into this carrier-wave so the pattern/problem experiences a transformation?

1. Go back to the problem. Locate the pattern in your body. Note the level of intensity. Just be aware and notice wherever your attention is moving to in your body when you ask, "where is the pattern in my body now?"

2. When your attention moves into the pattern, notice it. Become acutely aware of the pattern, as the pattern. Notice that you can sense the area of the pattern in your body. There's an area and when your attention goes there you think and feel about the problem. Just sit and feel the pattern for a few seconds.

3. You'll notice since there is an area of the pattern, and outside of that area the pattern doesn't exist. It's location is in ONE area and nowhere else in the body. There is a radius outside of the pattern where it isn't there.

4. Now move your attention just outside the area where you feel or sense the pattern in your body. Hold your attention in this area, just outside the pattern. Notice what you feel. Notice how it feels different to be outside of the pattern, than inside. If you move your awareness into the pattern, notice how it changes the feeling.

5. Now slowly move your attention away from the area of the pattern, paying very close attention to how YOU feel every time you "move" to a new virtual space inside your body. Just keep slowly moving your attention further away from the pattern... heading for new territory just outside of the body.

6. Continue slowly moving your attention until your awareness is approximately 2 or 3 feet away from your body. And hold it there. Just hold your attention in that virtual space, noticing whatever happens, but keeping your focus on that single point in the air, just outside of your physical body. Observe this for a few seconds.

7. And now... continue onto the final step!

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