Recognize The Pattern In Your Body
So far, so good... now that you've identified the problem-state and calibrated its level of intensity, it's time to do a little magic. 

As Arthur C. Clarke once stated, "advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."

This step is easy, but requires a few suggestions...

1. Realize that when you break all matter down far enough, you get photons... light energy. Everything that exists is light, vibrating at different frequencies of color, tone and archetype.

Light is a carrier wave for information.

2. Everything you can see, feel or sense with any of your senses are patterns of light... information.

3. Any pattern of light can CHANGE when given new information.

If you view any pattern as just a pattern of information... shifting your observation of the pattern into a new perspective and with a simple intent to transform, the pattern changes.

You manipulate the information within the carrier-wave.

Rather than waste time explaining the "scientific" theories behind this phenomenon, let's just jump right in and you can observe this change for yourself, alright?

Go back to your problem.

Feel into it, feel it's level of intensity.

Now, ask yourself this question:

"If I could feel this pattern in my body, where would it be?"

Now be still and pay attention to where your awareness inside your body moves. It might be your chest, it could be your forehead... it could be your middle toe on your left foot.

You'll never know until you ask, and listen.

Wherever the sensation shows up in your body, is the right place. 

Even if it doesn't make sense. 

What you're doing is becoming aware of the location of the energetic pattern in your physical body that represents and is entangled with the problem you're thinking about.

Answer this question: When I ask where the pattern is located in my body, my attention moves to my...
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